You Asked,

single lady christmas

I believe we call this, A can of worms you opened.
You see it’s no longer the bling or thing I want or need. It is nothing that can fit inside a box
I could not store in a closet or wear it like armor to make me strong,
I could not drive it into a garage I do not own, and with my luck, I’d park it all wrong.


I wish my answer was as simple as, I have you and that is all I need.
Instead, I’m pretending to get along with the zombies and demons this time of year.
I feel like empty cupboards in a house with no owners,
Big beautiful windows with photo-worthy views but no one looking out,

The softest most comforting carpet you’ve ever felt but without footsteps,
a pet door without nose prints, and a driveway but no tire tracks or motor oil.


What I feel most of all,
is myself a sharp thorn constantly poking those near me not meaning harm.

I am that aggravation when you suck in that peach milkshake without peaches you’ve been craving for days,
That disappointment when you bite into a muffin and taste fake berries,
That fall to the floor let down, when you open the pantry, no wine, no chocolate.

The fizzle when you scratch that last square on a lottery ticket,
not a winner and you spent your last twenty.

Finally, a fresh cut tree still hoping, still green but no ornaments to be seen
Before long withered, wrinkled, brown, given up on and thrown down.

I am unable to answer with a word, a noun, or anything because if I must say,
All I want is to fall asleep by the oceans shore
where the breeze would surely freeze my heart solid this time of year.

My next awakening would be that of a Handsome fiery twin flame mate,
he would bring me back after my winter’s nap,

Sun Bouncing off his eyes of honesty, his heart of depth,
A body of strength that had repaired every last broken part of me,
and accepted the irreparable part, my heart.

Please don’t mistaken this request, I am single because, not any man will do. 
If he trades out reading and learning me to thinking a dick pic will do the trick,
I’ll ghost him in the file with all the other dicks just that quick.


Other than the above,
My list of anything that keeps the woman going in me!

go fund me, hoodie, sweatshirt, t-shirt
  • Makeup and Skincare to cover lines created by the past,
  • Victoria Secret smells that inspires the Cougar,
  • Eyeshadow that could find the sparkle hiding in my eye,
  • Gloss, gloss, and more Lip Gloss
  • An ocean of VS lotion that smells good for dry skin,
  • Cosmetic Surgeon, yes one of these to put things back in correct places
  • A tattoo that would reveal a piece of me,
  • Go Fund Me Sweatshirt this is a joke-not really,
  • IF you happen across a bottle of Strength, please grab for mine is running low.
  • Finally Wine but not sweet it doesn’t go with me,
    Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and more

Now, aren’t you glad you ask me what I wanted?

Yours Truly,

A Single Lady

Front Porch Spoken Word Poetry coming soon.





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  1. This was inspired by my sister asking what I wanted for Christmas and when I sent to her this was her response: So will a singles cruise 🚢 work?
    You can wake up in the 💦 with 🍷 and several possible 🔥 mates.

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