Before writing this today, I was knee deep writing about an ongoing concern for too many in our country.  The more I wrote, the worse my head ached.  My awareness was kicking, I was irritable, aggravated, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  I was writing with anger instead of compassion, bitching and reproaching instead of coaching, relaying zero gratitude in a commanding attitude was screaming, in need of solitude.


A feeling, hearing, knowing,and speaking without thinking, “Writing on the wrong topic or delivering it opposite of how you want it perceived is the hardest writing you will ever do. You will spend hours writing and praying for an ending. Hours wasted pretending it’s never-ending. Editing and re-editing ends in discrediting. It’s really simple, what inspired you? Was it a passion, a mentor, or an its my journey, awarenessexperience? Acknowledge gratitude and watch how life becomes more than you ever imagined”  Long inhale and exhale, I glance around my room waiting on something to move, shaking my head in confirmation, I think I got it.


Seems simple enough, right?  Think about, how many times someone has tried to get you to view something from another angle.  How was the message delivered?  How was it perceived?


I knew it was time to close up my Scrivener (writing software) and turn to something that would lift my energy. I needed a re-adjustment in my attitude with nothing more than a lesson on gratitude.
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heart, thankful, grateful, gratitudeA like-minded friend introduced me to Ralph Smart’s Youtube videos on Infinite Waters. We were catching up and pulling a late night over a bottle(s) of wine. Discussing life as usual, she mentioned how I had enjoyed Dr. Wayne Dyer as a mentor.  Since Dr. Dyer’s transition, she felt Ralph Smart could give me a new twist, especially in the direction I was heading.


Gratitude for my friend,Tonia Zampieri for listening and knowing that Ralph indeed could help.  Our meeting was no accident. Different cultural programming, difference of opinions on topics but able to challenge each other outside our own box.  We do this well because our common theme is PEACE.


Well who is Ralph Smart over at Infinite Waters?

Professional Answer:

Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Life Coach. Author. Counselor. Criminologist. Alchemist. Educator. Researcher. VFX Artist. Cinematographer. & Infinite Being. Has over 1 Million Subscribers and over 136 Million views on YouTube.

My Answer:

He has been my favorite mentor since the introduction.  I listen to Ralph often and on days I feel misplaced, I make time to listen more. I have yet to meet Ralph Smart face to face and I have never paid him in the sense of cents and dollars. What I have done is made him my tribe whether he knows it or not.  If you know me, you have most likely heard me say, girl you need some Ralph!  Why not share the gratitude? The right mentors will appear when you are ready to move forward.  Mentors need mentors to aid us in embracing our authentic and best selves.

Ralph Smart at Infinite Waters is one happy healthy fruit eating vegan.  Although I would love to be Vegan, I’m not there yet and I was afraid he would come off too preachy, but NEVER. The more I listened, the more I related to and today was no different.  I heard exactly what I needed to hear to raise my energy before returning to Scrivener.  I love this human and his soul for putting his information out there for anyone to view.  What amazing people in this world helping others become their greatest version.


If you feel lost, alone, seeking solitude, needing change, experiencing difficulty, or at a crossroads, turn on Ralph Smart-Infinite Waters on YouTube for one hour. Stroll through his many videos and find one that grabs you.


In the past, I had someone say, I can’t hear him say it again, “we haven’t even had breakfast yet” and “it feels so good to be alive baby, can I get a Hello”.  Inhale, exhale, inhale and breathe in his high energy and happiness being expressed when he says it, your vibration will rise.  HUMOR ME and try it!

As for the post I was writing with the attitude, I am now re-writing with gratitude. Coming Soon.



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