It downright disappoints me, when my newsfeed is bad energy
filled with negative memes, bitching again and again.
Someone’s falling prey to negativity around change
creating peace and removing hate. Y’all got my brain in pain!

When that happens, my 2 cents thinks its 2 million,
mouth from the south, no filter here goes.
Where have you been the last 20 years, let me guess, under a rock,
living in the past, or no one knows?
If it separates us, divides us, reminds us of hate, mow it down.
Stand stubborn if you choose, put it on your land,
but not on common ground.
Monuments that make you proud to claim, I understand,
but heartache, anxiety, and tension remains for another soul.

At first, I hesitated, unsure where I stood,
self-trained to sniff out the good. 

Oh my what could all this be except damage control.
Your heritage, no doubt you are proud,
can’t miss that which divides, like a big Rebel Flag.
That’s your right, I’m from the south and this is mine. 
More at stake than your heritage with no price tag.
In the south, don’t we say, pot calling the kettle black,
as we teach our children, don’t you bully
or live in a mistake of their past.
Instead we hope they heal, move forward,
addiction free, peace and happiness at last.

Why not take our own advice, turn off the media, get photos by all means,
but remove the past and view this change in a positive way.
In the south we say, got bigger fish to fry than statues of yesterday.
It’s 2017, not 1861
Children are bored in classrooms of same year after year doom,
spinners, and drugs to get them through.
Sex trafficking is modern slavery rapidly growing,
no matter your flag, it’s your daughter this evil is being lured to.
Do not push me to show you the proof,

you have access to the same information under your roof.
“4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally”
“20.9 million of human trafficking globally”
Did you know several of the states that had the highest slavery
are also the highest in modern slavery?  
What would those fallen soldiers do about this with all their bravery?
Whining about 150+ years ago, I don’t think so. 

“Estimates say over 59,000 people died from overdose deaths in 2016,
and 2 million Americans are addicted to prescription opioids”
Have you stopped to look at the states in the top ten?
Face the fact, stand where many adults have already been. 
It may be your medicine cabinet a child first experimented in.
I’m just a woman with a strong southern drawl.
Humor me and at least think it through.
Why not put our time into new statues
which protect and create positive history for all.
Not for one class, race, religion, or culture
Peace is my 2 cents and I’ll stand firm to the day I fall!
After all, IT’S MY JOURNEY







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