Every piece of this is mans bullshit. They call this war a cloud over the land, but they made the weather and then stand in the rain and say, SHIT it’s raining! ~Cold Mountain


Too Much Hate, Drugs, and Disease!  Do you agree?

I wonder if people stop the stroll of news feed long enough to realize the pain they have inflicted on another human. How senseless words and actions took a person’s power away, aided in depression, anxiety or addictions and even disease.


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Some say the addict had a choice and it’s not a disease.  What if I said the person with other diseases had a choice.  I could judge and ask if they took their health serious, did they starve the brain of water, feed sugar to the cancer, eat processed foods, held onto hate and fueled heart disease, worked a job they hated for a paycheck and resulted in disease, but it’s not for me to judge. People with that mindset are traveling their own journey, although it’s hard to respect at times. After all, it’s their journey and this is mine.


That disease may be that last experience needed to help others and to pursue their own journey.  I can’t help but wonder will this person judging be the person that continues to be so clouded by his dispassionate and judgmental frame of mind until a dose of “too close to home” reality smacks him unconscious in his own life?


Since there has been so much controversy
over addiction and anxiety not being a disease, I’d like to share information about the above Best Seller by Andreas Moritz

Cancer Is Not a Disease – It’s a Healing Mechanism
“Discover Cancer’s Hidden Purpose, Heal Its Root Causes, and Be Healthier Than Ever
(Dec. 2016 Edition, 360 pages)
Cancer Is Not a Disease by Andreas Moritz may rock or even dismantle the very foundation of your beliefs about the body, health and healing. It offers the open-minded reader concerned about cancer a radically different understanding of what cancer really is. According to Andreas Moritz, cancer is a desperate and final attempt by the body to stay alive for as long as circumstances permit – circumstances that are, in fact, within your control.”
“Today’s conventional approaches of killing, cutting or burning cancerous cells offer a mere 7% “success” rate for cancer remission, and the majority of the few survivors are “cured” for just a period of five years or less. In this expanded edition of the book, you will discover what actually causes cancer and why it is so important to heal the whole person, not just the symptoms of cancer. You will also learn that cancer occurs only after all other defense mechanisms in the body have failed. A malignant tumor is not a vicious monster that is out to kill us in retaliation for our sins or abuse of our body. As you will find out, cancer does not attempt to kill the body; to the contrary, it tries to save it.

Unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to threaten the life of 1 out of every 2 people. This book opens a door to those who wish to become whole again—body, mind and spirit. Available soon in German, Polish, Chinese, Spanish and French.”


No Age or Class Restrictions
“10 Million Prescriptions Written alone last year”
One for every man, woman, and child”
Losing loved ones daily to accidental overdose 


Now let’s get back to my wonders!  I wonder if I have stopped by the mirror often enough to ask forgiveness for my comportment that created a brick wall which stores the reluctance in another. We are so busy with the next minute, the next place, the next plan that we rarely recognize how harmful we are to ourself or someone else. Then when we are in the electric chair, we ask for prayers and fail to remember that simple word, KARMA and now we need the experience.


I wonder if we have become so iced over in believing, “get over it, move on, life goes on” that our compassion for others is non-existent. Has our love for others been destroyed by less than truthful  organizations that had us believe we were learning wrong from right? Now we have all become jaded into thinking each his own. “Not my monkeys not my Zoo” right?

Has our compassion become so diluted with schedules that we not only don’t stop to smell the roses but we can’t see the disaster unfolding right before our eyes until it is too late?  Disasters like school room classes where teachers must keep Narcan on hand due to the opioid epidemic.  Disaster as in, chemo is not the only answer, how many more have to die.  Disaster as in, it may be our family next.



I wonder if others realize we are in a period of awakening, AGE OF AQUARIUS. Great change which means if you are not following your own journey and doing what your soul yearns for, chaos will strike.  This chaos has zero boundaries which means anxiety, depression, addiction or many other diseases.  It can take your job, spouse, house, car, boat, health, savings and those you love if it has to. I don’t need to try and convince you, an experience will do that.  IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP

STOP judgment and embrace variety, it makes the world go round. For every person that expects a child or another person to be a copy instead of an original makes the universe need a team to lift this same person from anxiety, depression addictions and other diseases.

addiction anxiety disease alcoholicDO YOU BELIEVE THE ADDICT HAD A CHOICE?

I don’t claim to know it all, BUT:

  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when they were abused.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when a parent left home to never return.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when the only time they ever felt love or a connection was through a pet they lost.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice but down those alcoholic beverages in order not to have social anxiety when trying to fit in, get approval or seek an authentic friend.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when the doctor prescribed a drug for pain, anxiety or depression without first learning the root of the problem prior to doctoring it with a temporary band-aid.
  • Maybe the Mother of three didn’t have a choice after surgery when she was prescribed highly addictive pain killers and later ended up losing her children.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when they were told by a teacher, parent, family, friend their dream was dumb and unrealistic.
  • Maybe they were the fish you told to go climb a tree with the cat which first set them up for failure.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when they were willing to try anything to feel a connection to anyone due to being a foster child.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice when they longed for a parent to tuck them in at night but instead, the parent was dealing with their own rejection.
  • Maybe it wasn’t their choice when they finally snapped after being a local patron at the bar or coffee shop after many attempts to have someone like them and listen.  After many punches to crush their angelic soul that was there to embellish another’s life, they finally snapped and now labeled or worse, on death row.
  • Maybe they didn’t have a choice of what finally took them down the dark spiraling path of fiery hell.

Maybe God, Universe, Higher Self chose those experiences for that person since they were the only one to be trusted to use it to make a difference in this new change and transformation.


We rarely know another’s story from beginning to end.  Don’t wait to say, I knew them when… Know them now, believe in them now, cheer for them now, and let them inspire others by telling how that one person that believed in them changed their life.  That addict or cancer survivor may be your cheerleader tomorrow!


It’s our choice to push another soul back, knock’em down, and give ultimatums or lift them up with inspiration and without instructions. It’s our choice even in our most exhausted moments to look them in the eye and say, “I BELIEVE IN YOU”! It is our choice to listen, ask questions, and listen until they have their own AHA moment.


Children and adults do not come with instruction manuals.  We must open our minds, our hearts and stop expecting the same thing out of them that was expected of us.  Believe in a child’s dream, believe in an adult’s dream and understand it is their journey.  Their journey and life story will not be a carbon copy of yours. They are not a loser because they chose other life experiences,


Have you labeled someone as a dead beat or less than perfect person in your life.  STOP – They may be playing the part of a villainy soul for your benefit of a greater purpose. This greater purpose could be what sets you free from disease.


We create a lower vibration in ourself when we suffocate our own journey or downplay another person’s journey by judging.  We may have gotten by with this in the past but no more, no longer.  The outcome will be all kinds of destruction including anxiety, addictions, depression, and much more.


Are you judging or believing in someone?

Your answer to this question will affect your life either good or not so good. Believe me I realize how difficult it can be to not judge and there are days no one stands a chance. I am not here to argue if I am right or wrong, time will tell.  I’ve become so focused in following my own journey that I no longer hear voices of naysayers.



  2. LISTEN AND BELIEVE IN YOU – Tomorrow may be too late. Do not overlook the signs!
  3. LISTEN AND BECOME A CHEERLEADER FOR SOMEONE ELSE – It is as rewarding to you as it will be to them. There is a someone that needs your intangible gift and your cheering capabilities. The big surprise is when you think you no longer need a cheerleader in your corner and in pops a captain and her entire team to shine a spotlight on your talent in unimaginable ways.


Do you ever wonder if the world would be at war if we were not at war within ourselves? If everyone felt peace with who they were and could share their story without ridicule and judgment, would you listen? Would you listen without gossip at the next roundtable meeting?


How many times do you hear or see memes about someone not liking people and better friends with their pets? Our pets listen, listen, and listen unconditionally.  If you feel no one is there to listen to you, make an effort to talk very little for the next few days and listen more than you ever have.  I mean listen to the point you could write a hundred page report on the conversations you listened to. The more you listen the better friends you’ll find in your circle.


In Cast Away, why do you think Chuck is so upset when he loses a volleyball?  Wilson was there in the good, the bad, the ugly.  Chuck had no one telling him that getting off the island was impossible! Try to be a Wilson when someone is down on life, LISTEN.

How can this help anxiety, addiction, depression and other disease?

Ask yourself the following questions when you lay your head on your pillow each night.

  1. Did I give more than I took today”.  Intangible gifts only.
  2. If money were no concern, would I be doing the same job I did today?
  3. Did I genuinely tell another being, “I BELIEVE IN YOU”
  4. Did I make it through the day and not judge anyone?


  1. YES
  2. YES or I spent at least one hour researching what I wish I were doing.
  3. YES
  4. YES


When my mom wants me to try something and I don’t want to, she asks me to just humor her.  No, I am not your mom but humor me and complete the following.


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