About Me

Its My Journey
I am passionate about many thingamajigs.  So many things I love doing and even more that I hope to learn, I get overwhelmed.  So many things that I dislike sleep because there is something else I had rather be doing.  I know, right?


If I had to title me: Blogger, Life Coach, Writer, Poet, Reader, Philanthropist, Cat Connoisseur, Risk Taker, Transformational Junkie, Financial Advisor (recently resigned, taking an indefinite break from logical thinking), Sister, Mom, Daughter, Friend and the list goes on.  


My spirit is tugging at my gut pushing me to venture out and follow those dreams I covered up years ago.  With most of the population, I too thought I had to “adult” to be accepted in society.  It looked good on the outside but the yearning for more never stopped on the inside.



I have unfinished screenplays that will not let me sleep until I have finished.  Short stories and poetry galore. I go to sleep writing and I wake up writing.  It's past time to edit and publish. How about you?


Setting an example to show you how a new journey is doable.  Notice, I said doable; I’ve had stumbling blocks already, but giving up is not an option.

Oprah Winfrey wanted to talk for a living. That one sentence should inspire us all.  We all came to Earth School with a passion and a mission.  Not letting fear stand in your way is no easy task, but it does come with rewards.

How dare we leave Earth School with creative life changing stories untold and unseen.  I refuse to let our souls give up on us and continue meeting at the local coffee shop daily to poke fun at us crazy humans.

girl climbing tree
Photo on 10-21-15 at 7.14 PM #2
Photo on 9-11-15 at 12.06 PM


  • I love climbing trees.  They represent there is nowhere to go but up.  Who cares if there is the risk of falling out when there is a satisfaction in a picture of making it to the top. Can you really live life without risk?
  • cartwheelsI love turning cartwheels and doing handstands.  I never know how the wheel will turn, how or where I will land.  I have pulled muscles, bruised my feelings, broke my toe, but I have not stopped landing on my feet at times either.  I can assure you one time on your feet is worth a hundred falls.  Finding and following a passion on a new journey is a lot like turning cartwheels.


  • I love my bed; I work, play, read, and write. Hershey Kisses Cat
    It’s comfy and it has room for my cats Tahoe and Hollywood.  Still grieving the loss of my Hershey Kisses; the most lovable furbaby ever. He was my inspiration in life more than once with his calm and loving spirit.  This was definitely a male that could read my mind. He left me one last inspiration to start a new journey and here I am.  I love cats and in time another ragdoll will find me and my other furry loves.
  • I love "LOVE STORIES" and I PROUDLY wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to love.  Go ahead ask, how that has worked out for me.  I have loved and I have lost, I have walked and I have stayed too long, but I would not change the experiences.  If a relationship is not like “The Notebook” it will not survive lifetimes.  You can call it a gypsy soul but I call it not settling.
  • I love essential oils, incense and crystals. I am convinced I was a gypsy witch doctor in a past life.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Feng Shui.  I love it because it works.  I hate it because what woman wants to be told where to put something.
  • I love my MacBook Pro, My Nikon Camera and currently falling in love with FinalDraft .
  • I love red wine on cool days and ice cold chic beer on summer days.   I love Vodka or Crown when I feel the need to let my hair down.
  • I love fishing but only where I can still see land.
  • DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE CATS? Be careful, I'm not a great matchmaker of people but I can match you up with your best cat mate ever!


  • I loathe organized religion but my faith with God/Universe/Higher Self is strong.
  • I detest racism.
  • I turn up my nose to politics.
  • I will call myself out or anyone else that is judging another.
  • I despise the fact that due to society and religions, children block great gifts at an early age.  Hearing their dreams are not realistic or they may burn in hell if they believe or do a certain thing. Once these children become young adults, they spend the next twenty years trying to figure out who they are and what they believe.  Then it's off to a doctor and prescription drugs to put a band-aid on what smothered their dreams as a child.  (Ok my rant, I will let it go)
  • I know pharmaceutical drugs are out of control because I have done the research. So I tend to be a know it all, I realize I am not, so kindly tell to slow my roll or give me half a second to tell you what may help besides man-made drugs.
  • If I won the lottery, I would most likely spend every dime trying to educate others on western medicine vs. eastern medicine and removing many prescriptions from the market and replacing them with herbs. Too bad I don’t have a dime for every time someone said, “this is different it cannot be healed”. I bite my tongue often.
  • I dislike labels and wish career titles were unique to each person. (Classy Sassy Teller, Story Telling Advisor, Blue-Eye Beautician, etc.)
  • Too much organization and routines cause me anxiety and too little has the same reaction.  Balance, after all I am a Libra.
  • I freak out and fall to pieces when my surroundings are too loud.
  • I dislike sleep because it interrupts time I could be learning or keeping someone else up.
  • My favorite words are stubborn and determined.  My least favorite words are conservative and traditional.  Most overused word I hear, Professional.


One of my favorite sayings:

Praying is talking to God; Meditation is hearing God.



I was married by age eighteen, divorced soon after due to we were too young for a boy that age to be faithful and me to have any idea what I was doing. I was remarried by age twenty-one, a daughter by age twenty-two and was widowed at age twenty-five. Some have said, a dark cloud follows me. At times I felt that way, but when I look at all that I’ve accomplished, learned, loved, and experienced, I feel blessed.


The younger I get, I am learning how to walk when a situation no longer serves my highest good.


I have been in the financial industry since 1988, from teller to financial advisor.  A few years I skipped out and worked in the dental field. Early 2014, my zest for life was dying a slow death due to personal events.  After temper tantrums and meditation, I knew what I had to do to regain my passion for life.  I have always loved the smell of salt air, the view of sunlight glistening across the water, and sand between my toes.  I chose to take the advice of Nike and no longer analyze myself sick on how I was going to do it. (JUST DO IT) November 15, 2014, I called sis and by 10 a.m. we were heading down US HWY 70 toward the Crystal Coast looking somewhere to lay my head until I figured it all out.  Found a place on the water that day.  Returned home, downsized my business, rented my home, and moved in less than two weeks. Have there been consequences? ABSOFRIGGINGLUTELY!  Do I regret it?  Not for one second.


Join me and jump on the bandwagon to pursuing your passion. Prepare to uncover your magic and to not take life so seriously.  Realize that every encounter reveals magic to becoming the best you.



DC Allen