10 Reasons You Need a New Journey

  • You get depressed on Sunday’s because tomorrow is Monday
  • You have anxiety on Monday’s
  • You drink on Tuesday’s
  • You jump for joy on Wednesday’s – It’s Hump Day Yay!
  • You celebrate on Thursday’s
  • You are most excited on Friday’s
  • You love Saturday’s but complain you wish the weekend were longer

This does not mean resign on Monday and think life will be grand on Tuesday. It means to make a plan and design a vision board. As the saying goes, you were not given life on earth to work and pay bills only. It is okay to work as many hours as you want if it includes enjoying life as well.



I do not have the time:

Or do you choose to not make time? Do you have the time to play 1-5 hours of games a day? Do you have time to watch six seasons of your new favorite NetFlix addiction? Do you have time to see what others are posting on social media outlets?

I do not have the money:

Are you a slave to your mortgage? Are you so worried about a future that you forget the present? Have you tried to incorporate multiple income streams?

I am not skilled to do anything else:

BS! We have many skills, personal stories, passions and a mission in life. Do two things each day that moves you closer to a dream. It could be research, self-educate a new skill, dream about it, write about it, and learn to meditate.

If you are 100% happy and enjoying every day as if it were a Friday then congratulations you are oneblogging of very few. However, if you are one of many with days that you dread or your days are more like the ones in the beginning of this post, change is needed. Don’t wait so long that your zest for life has taken a downward spiral.


I am not posting to judge. Variety makes the world go round and if you are happy and living a fulfilled life, you should not have even landed on this post.


I am posting because I have met many others lately looking to simplify, travel and enjoy their life more. The world is finally evolving at a much faster pace and I love it! The more people that pursue their passion, find their mission and jump on that journey the higher the vibrations of the world.


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